Netatmo Weather Module


I can’t login on Netatmo to get weather data.
it stoped working a few months ago.

Today i tried „everything“ including removing the module and attemed to reconnect. The Netatmo plugin site is loaded, but nothing happend when i Accept the connection. Something wrong with the OAuth URL or something?

yes, there is an problem with the oauth-logun, @paresy is working on this problem.
you can make a workaround, using a „delevoper key“ (see README, section two,

Thx! I read over the second option :slight_smile:

Any news here for the „normal“ user login? Still does not work for me. Even called the Symcon support today. @paresy

I guess you haven’t tried the workaround described in the German language forum?

The username/password authentication is dead, but a workaround is possible to create a token and use that with the latest module version. So the first step is to update the module version!

After updating the module, log in into your Netatmo developer account here:

You can then create the required token for your station, use scope „read_station“ as shown below:

You will be prompted if you want to grant Symcon access to your station - answer yes and the webpage will show an access token and a refresh token. Copy the refresh token to clipboard.

In IP Symcon, open Netatmo Weather IO and leave connection type set to Netatmo developer key. Go to the Expert section, there you will find a button to set the refresh token that you created in your developer account. That’s it!

Good luck!

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