ZWave device setup

The Fibaro RGBW module has ‚current power use‘ and ‚total power used‘ measurements. I tried to set this up, so I added two variables to the ‚dummy module‘ I use as the parent for all variables this module exposes. I called them ‚power meter‘ and ‚total power‘ or something like that. Then, after a few minutes, I noticed that there were two new instances - one called ‚power meter - fibaro kwh‘ or so and one called similarly. What I mean is, they both had names I never put in, including some vendor ID string. So I figured they were automatically configured.

But then, because I’m an idiot, I deleted those two instances, thinking I’d need only my own variables. But then it turned out I didn’t know how to fill those two variables, or even how to poll the module - it sends its own status reports. Now I can’t find a way to get those instances back. How were they added in the first place? Is there ‚auto-discover‘ functionality somewhere, other than the ‚add devices‘ button in the ZWave Configurator? (that one didn’t find the instances, or at least didn’t add them) How can I get my reported values back? Thanks.

PS should I ask questions like this here or better, in English, in the ‚Fibaro RGBW‘ thread? It would seem to me that more people could see and profit from the answer if it were there, but then again there are no non-German posts anywhere else in the forum…

Try pressing the „Load“ button in the main RGBW instance and afterwards the Apply button. That should recreate the variables.


Ah yes this worked, thanks.