Z-wave sending data to node fails on new server

I have had a fully working IP-Symcon server on a MacMini Intel machine for years, that include X-comfort, Hue and Z-wave. When I moved the server to a new MacMini M1 machine, by copying the library folders in the Finder and re-enabling the license code, things are no longer stable. The Z-wave looses its ability to send data to the node after a short while. The only solution is to unplug and replug the USB-dongle, then close and open the Serial Port again. The commands go through, both ways, but after a bit only data from the units come to the IP-Symcon server. When I try to send commands to them, they fail with the message: Error (ZWaveSwitchBinary::SwitchMode) Sending data to node did not succeed

What are my options here? Is the I/O instance not configured correctly?