Z-wave china's switch TKBHOME and MODBUS appliance and IP Symcon

Hi, I bought the IP-symcon software, the aeonlabs stick and china’s TKBN switch for testing. I succesfully created Z-wave instances of static controller and switch in IP-symcon. I’m able to change the state of the switch from both console or scripting level of IPS. After that, I created an switch’s instance, I can see under the tree only variable status, which is OK, it changes it’s state after turning on and off the light. The switch has a second binary input, only for z-wave enabled devices and it is associated with GROUP 2 in switch. Let say, I would like to turn ON a MODBUS’s connected appliance using that second unused input, embedded at my z-wave TKBN switch, but it doesn’t create a variable proper to that second binary input in IPS. It can only associates GROUP 2 of switch within another z-wave enabled device. How to associate some IPS variables of different appliances with different protocols (ie. MODBUS) within association’s GROUPs of z-wave devices, when the z-wave devices don’t create variables proper to their inputs in IPS.

If you Z-Wave device does not provide any variables for the inputs than you cannot link it to other systems like ModBus. You could try enabling the BASIC class to see if your push-action is received by it, but probably it won’t.