Xcomfort switch booleans - up and down?

Hi All,

Sorry for writing in English. Google translate is not that good at technical English I have experienced reading this forum. : o

Im new at IPS, and wonder if its possible to assign both UP and DOWN on a switch to individual booleans? As per default it is a set/reset of only one variable. I would like to use up and down for different scenarios on a few switches.

I also wonder how users controll their IPS-Xcomfort systems. Do you add scenarios in MRF or only IPS? It seems like MRF have a broadcast to use. If I (IPS) script a ALL OFF it will turn of one dimmer at the time, while MRF turns it all off at the same time.

Thanks! :slight_smile:

Thank you for all your replies. : Rolleyes: : D

I have found out my self, that a trigger == true, will execute even if true before pressing the button again. Case closed.

But im still curriiuos if its possible to make all off scripts more effecient. Viritual components in MRF?