Xcomfort Status not updating for dimmers

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I am quite new to IP-Symcon just purchased the basic version so I am sorry if this is a newbie question.

My Raspberry Pi 2B is now running IP Symcon with kernel version 4.0 and liveupdate version 26.02.2016. (from ips console).

As interface I am using the CKOZ-00/14 usb stick. I now manage to controll all connected dimmers & switches in the system. But the status for the dimmers is not updating.
I have enabled in the MRC to send „old status“ to the USB interface and I can see in the traffic view that the status is sendt. But the IPS will not update status for dimmers only the switching actuators.

Is there anyone here who can help me out?


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Ole Petter


I experience the same issue.
Hardware; Raspberry Pi 3 (Raspian) and xComfort CKOZ-00/14.
IP-Symcon: Kernel Version 4.00, update version 11.03.2016 - professional license.

The dimmer module is an CDAU-01/03 (125W LED dimmer)

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This might indeed be a bug. I’ll will try to reproduce the issue.


Sounds good :slight_smile:

Some details about my project attached (if needed)…

Which firmware on the CI do you have? Did you update it recently? (Maybe the same time as IP-Symcon 4.0?)

I think the problem is in the CI firmware… Using an old (bulky) CI works flawlessly and your screenshot of the data shows no signs of a dimmer status value. And using your mentioned CI stick with IP-Symcon 3.4 has the same issue.

Are you sure it did work properly on 3.4?


The ckoz-00/14 (usb stick) software version is 2.08/2.05.

I have searched the web for rollback/downgrade software for the CI, without luck.

In my case, I have not tried IP-Symcon v3.4. Only version 4.0.


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OK. I already send some debug information to Eaton. Hopefully they will find the root cause of the problem, as it doesn’t seem related to IP-Symcon at the moment. I’ll update this thread as soon as i get an answer.



I have the same USB CI (CKOZ-00/14) with the latest firmware.

And I have the same issue, tested with different setups. Raspberry Pi (4.0), Windows 10 on both old version 3.6 and new 4.0.

Thank you for investigating this issue.

Eaton confirmed the problem and already send me a fixed firmware. After i will validate that it is working properly, i will try to get an ETA of the public release and if i can supply you with the current test version.



That was a positive response from you paresy! :=)

I look forward to the updated firmware, please keep us posted when Eaton releases it for public use.


Ole Petter.

I have sent you the new firmware via PM. If anyone has the error aswell, just drop a me PM.

The official release will happen in the coming days/weeks with MRF 2.48.

Link: www.eaton.eu/xcomfort -> Dokumentation -> Software



The new firmware works great!

Thank you! :slight_smile:

  • Ole-Jørgen