Xcomfort and IPSStudio

I have started to look at setting up some basic functionality in IPSStudio for the Xcomfort infrastructure we have.

The first functionality I am testing is to configure all the dimmer actuators such that it can turn on and off where the dimming value is remembered and controlled separately. At this stage it is more of a demo case.

The dimming actuator har two inputs, on/off (bool) and intensity (integer I assume). The on/off works fine. However, setting the intensity does not seems to work (light goes on and then turns off again). I suspect I am not sending the right value.

It would be convenient to know what values each Xcomfort module expect (range,type etc.), including what outputs it ejects. Up until now I have failed to locate something like this. Can anyone help?

You can have a look at the associated variable profiles. They should give you a nice overview about the expected values.