X-Comfort - basic question

I have not yet bought the iP-Symcom software and would really like to know what is possible before I buy/discard it.

My situation is this:
I have a set of X-Comfort components as well as a CKOZ-00/03 and a CRSZ-00/01. I have used MRF via the CRSZ-00/01 to draw connections between the USB gateway (CKOZ-00/03) and all components and a remote control.

Now, what I’d like to know is if the following is possible with the help of iP-Symcom:

When a certain button on the remote is pressed a script can be started and send separate, time-delayed commands back to single X-comfort components in the system.

An example of the behavior I’d like to see:

  1. The remote button 1 is pressed
  2. The lights should be set to 70%
  3. The marquises start to close
  4. 15 seconds after 2, the lights starts to dim down to 10%

I’ve been told that this is impossible with iP-Symcom, but I thought I would check once more with the community before finally discarding iP-Symcom as the solution.



I can’t say much about hardware compatibility, but the example you mentioned is a simple scenario for IPS, no clue why this should be impossible.

In his initial mail he wanted to dim the lights to 10% in a timeframe of 20 seconds (=he wanted to set a ramp). Settings a ramp is not possible with the Eaton Xcomfort system.

Your new example is a piece of cake.

MXC_DimSet($id_lights, 70);
sleep(15); //this is ugly. make it event driven
MXC_DimSet($id_lights, 10);


Ok, I guess „setting a ramp“ is setting how fast the dimming should occur (in seconds from 0 to 100%)?

If setting this parameter is not possible with IPS, which value is then used for the dimming? Some kind of standard value?

I’m a newbie so please forgive my stupid questions.

In the MRF software I can control the ramp settings per connection. I’m not entirely sure how the connection between the USB Gateway (and thus, IPS) works, but would it somehow be possible to create two „separate datapoints“ so that I could control the ramp settings separately for the two via MRF?

Anyway, the ramp thing isn’t something I cannot live with. Thanks for you kind answers :slight_smile:


I don’t think you can do that. But you can have a try.


I think I’ll only try that if I get everything else to work… :slight_smile:

Do you know the answer to my ramp parameter question?