Wrong delta aggregation after the turn of the Year

After the turn of the Year from 2014 to 2015, an archive type of counter for a variable, stopped to aggregate deltas correctly. This value is my energy cost of heating. I tried to re-aggregate it, but with no result. Now it looks like, it is set as a default type of aggregation. When I watch the values in archive view, raw values look correctly. Is it possible to connect to SQLite embedded in ipsymcon using for example „DB Browser for SQLite“ from outside of ipsymcon? I would like to investigate aggregated data in database, but on the other hand it looks like the ipsymcon’s aggregation mechanism counts values in wrong way.

Did you change the aggregation type somehow? How is it configured now?

Does ist effect week aggregation only?


Now it’s set as counter aggregation type, maybe I’ve been changing for testing the aggregation type to default, to check what is wrong with it, but after changed back to counter type and did re-aggregation, it should evaluates values afresh.

Wrong aggregation does effect in every kind of period, week, day, month, year. I think it’s ok only for an hour period.