Wiki - IPSLibrary Installation Schritt für Schritt

Hallo IPSLibrary Fans oder die es werden wollen.

Ich habe mein erstes Wiki geschrieben:D.

In diesem wird erklärt, wie ich die IPSLibrary und ein Modul (am Beispiel meiner IPSSchaltuhr) Schritt für Schritt installiere.

Der Pfad lautet:
IPSLibrary - Installation Schritt für Schritt

Wenn etwas unklar ist oder ergänzt werden soll, bitte ich um konstruktive Kritik oder Verbesserung Vorschläge.


Klasse!! :slight_smile:

Richtig, richtig gut.

Besten Dank.

Feine Arbeit.

Endlich die Basisinstallation plus Beispiel an einer Stelle.


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Super, klasse gemacht vielen Dank!

Vielen dank, dann wage ich mich auch mal an das Thema.


Great work André,

Your Wiki helped me to switch to IPSLibrary, thanks for this. I was already using IPSLogger, IPSWatering and IPSTwilight before IPSLibrary. All three worked fine so I hesitated to go to IPSLibrary.

During the installation based on your Wiki I ran into some small problems. Maybe the following suggestions can be helpful for others…

[li] If you already installed something from Brownson before using IPSLibrary than the following post from him is very handy: It explains how to loose the old things especially IPSLogger.
[li] Thanks to a very slow internet connection in Portugal I received errors during the installation. The cause of the error was a scripting timeout. The default setting in the php.ini file is 30 seconds (max_execution_time=30). By setting this to 60 seconds I received no further errors. Afterwards I changed it back again to 30 seconds.
[li] Doing the installation trough a remote session gave errors for me (writing to the c:… drive wasn’t posible). By logging on to the remote pc and executing it from this didn’t give me any problems.

Hopefully this helps others to overcome some of the difficulties when installing this great piece of work.