What will the 2.4 version be bringing?

Hi IPS community,

Now that the 2.3 version has been released (and for many of us working fine :stuck_out_tongue: ). I am starting to wonder what will be installed for us for the 2.4 version? I have seen some good suggestions during the debate about the new pricing strategy… But there is no 2.4 project started yet! Does this mean holiday first? Or is this the time for us to make a wish list?

So who knows more about the 2.4 version and can tell us more: Steiner? Paresy? Love to hear about your ideas!

Can we help with giving ideas :smiley:

Robert :loveips:

Read and speak German, just can’t write it…

… take a look at this … i hope, several things from here will be implemented in version 2.4 :wink:

greetings …