WebSockets and UI

Will the newly added WebSockets to IPS webserver (IPS 5.1) change the user interface of the phone app and web user interface? Will we be getting a more customizable and dynamic interface (ie. more like what can be created in IPSView)?

The WebSockets will not change the UI. WebSockets will increase the response time of IPS significantly as information about variable changes etc. will now arrive immediately and not only be updated once per second.

Hi Dr. Niels,

I do understand that webSockets will not automatically change anything (I have read up on WebSockets) but with the increase in response time and direct communication I was hoping that some improvement to the UI would be in the pipeline.

In my point of view IPS is a bit weak in the UI department and I was hoping that this would change in the near future.

There are no UI updates planned in version 5.1. What would you like to see as new features for the WebFront?