Webinar/tutorials - English - Request


I am very interested in Ip-Symcon
But the default German language of the forum scares me a bit…

To get started with Ip-Symcon I struggle a bit…
I see that there are tutorials/webinars on YouTube but they are in German…

I was hoping that someone (maybe from ip symcon or with the support of ip-symcon, ip-symcon that provides a test-setup to the person who wants to do this or something like this…) would make those tutorials in English?

I think it would benefit a lot of people… that way it would be much easier to get started with ip-symcon and get to know the strengths of it and how to use it.



Which part are you interested in? IP-Symcon has a lot of functionality… and supports a lot of different vendors. Or do you need some general help with the basics? Have you tried using our demo version, which is available in the service section?


Thanks for the Reply,

I’ve installed the demo version.

But i would like some more help to get started.

A series of video tutorials seems to me like a good way to get started with ip-symcon:

-overview (overview of the program- how the program works )

  • objects
  • events
  • scripts
  • how to use the visualization

Starting from nothing to a simple project (button and light - press butto, light on, press again, light off)
that evolves to a more complex project ( button and light, but with a timer, motion sensor, shedule, different intensity in function of a light sensor/or selected in the user UI)

For me it would be a big help if i could once see how such a project gets build up.

I see that there are video - tutorials on the site, but they are in german,
an english version of those would be great