Webfront extern zugriff


i am instal the ips here at my home, now i would make a portforwording but i think i do something wrong!!
At the pc where i did instal the ips i see the webfront, but i dont can open it at a other pc in the ame network (192.168…) i did see something from fernzugriff


but here at my IPS i dont see this button fernzugriff!!

Can someone help me with this?

Thanks, Ron

As long as you are in the same network you should be able to get a connection to the IPS Server.
Can you ping it?
is there a firewall enabled on the IPS Server which have to be switched off?


it was something wrong in the settings from the home network. now i can find the pc. only the webfront is not working with the portforwording, but i wil find it.



You don’t need a port forwarding when you inside your network.
So if you can’t open the webfront from the PC within the same network something went wrong.
Can you maybe give us a screenshot of your webfront settings?