WebFront Configurator issues


I try to control my X-Comfort devices with iP-Symcom (Basic) and struggle with the /&%(&/ WebFront.

I’ve entered the WebFront Configurator but I simply cannot get to select which elements to be added. The most „detailed“ view I can get to is this:

I have struggled the whole eventing and now there are some elements there that works and some elements from an earlier try that is now illegal and does not work, but at the same time is impossible to remove…

This has to be one of the worst GUIs I’ve ever encountered… I thought I would be able to understand it by google translating the docs, but I really miss a good doc in english here.

Your main issue is not the worst google translation or the missing english documentation, your main issue is your „basic“ version :eek:.

Produktmatrix: IP-Symcon :: Automatisierungssoftware

Web-Visualisierung „WebFront“ kann komfortabel über einen Konfigurator angepasst werden.

this topic (Configurator) is not availabe within the „basic“ version, there is a red cross.

Just delete the Configurator within the object tree and create a new one. This will fix your problem. And as ralf said. Your configuration capabilites within the configurator are very limited in the basic version. You shouldn’t have been able to drag&drop you „misplaced“ item.


So why am I allowed to open the Webfront Configurator in the first place if it’s not part of the Basic version? Without any warning or error message. It’s senseless…

I didn’t get that the Basic version didn’t support the Webfront configurator. But it seems to support Webfront. Can you please point me to where in the docs it is described how to configure Webfront without the configurator?

You can open the configuration to change the root of the webfront and to change the title and password. :slight_smile:

You configurate the webfront by just adding devices to you logical tree and assigning variable profile to your variables.