Webconsole in multiple

Hi All,

Just got around to tinkering some more with the web console and found myself continuously switching between tabs / screens in a unlogical way.

Is it possible to divide the screen in two and add a tree view (showing only the IDs and names in the tree hierarchy) so it is easy to lookup script IDs and open other scripts?
Now I find myself switching between the Object Tree and the script I am working on.

Also it would be nice to be able to open multiple views. Now I have to get back to the main screen to check if there is any log message. Which I by the way try to reach time and time again by hitting the top-left Symcon console (is it just me having this errorous habit?).
It would be nice to be able to have another view like the log message view next to the editor tabs.

Anybody feels the same or should I just get out of my habit that I got used to in other IDEs?
Got the same bad habit with the management console program by the way… My screen is always cluttered with multiple windows etc.

BR. Raymond

Hi Raymond,

using multiple views in the console is currently not directly possible. You can however, just open the console in multiple browser windows. This way, you can open the object tree in one window and the script editor in another.

Best wishes,

Hi Niels,

Thanks for your reply. I’ll change my workflow, thanks for your suggestion.
And off course thanks for all the great stuff Symcon offers that I didn’t mention about in my previous post.

Keep it up! Looking forward to 5.1!