Webcam update

Hello, I have mounted a webcam that takes snapshots every two seconds, and sends the pics to a server. It updates the same filename.
But IPS wont autoupdate the picture, and I cant get a live feed from the cam.
How can I make the media/picture refresh from my local file?

Do you know the URL of a still image of your cam? If so, you can configure an Image Grabber which will periodically and configurable pull an image from the cam and save it in the object tree.

yes, ive setup the camera to send images to a local ftp server, so the image i saved in \my pictures\webcam\video.jpg

is there a tutorial for this sort of image grabbing?

it depends on your cam-model f.i.: http://cam-ip/image.jpg
have a look at your handbook


you have two options:

  1. The one that Axel means, which is a direct URL provided by the CAM. If you access this URL through a webbrowser (such as http://x.x.x.x/picture.jpg) you will see a jpg, nothing else.

This would be the preferred option.


  1. You can configure your own webserver which has access to the lokal or UNC path where the Cam puts its pictures. You could access the picture then through http://IP_of_webserver/path_to_picture/name_of_pic.jpg.

For both options you need then the image grabber. You can find it in the Add Instance Menue -> Others. In there you simply add the URL, use/not use authentication/credentials and n timer seconds . IPS will then pull every n seconds the picture from the URL and save a copy of the image in the object tree. This image you can then use inside webfront, eg in a content (image) rotator.

will it work with ftp? i cant get it to work. my url is
„unknow protocol“ error message.

AH, got it… made a http server.
But, can I stretch the image on my android? its so small and up in the top left corner of the screen. looks OK on webfront.