WebCam ausschalten zu Hause.

Wie können Sie das WebCam ausschalten wenn du zu Hause bist. Ich benutze das Image Grabber.



Sorry for the English language in this part of the website, but I’m afraid that my question is not understand by using the Google translator.

I want to switch of my WebCam in the WebFront when I’m at home. When at home a picture is shown with some text.

I have seen this working in the demo, but I cannot find any code or text about this. So, I hope someone can give me some help with this.

Can this be done with the Image Grabber, is there a way (command) to set the update interval time. With the copy command I can copy a picture over the WebCam picture, but I don’t know how to stop te Image Grabber.

I hope someone can help me with this, or show me the topic where this is explained.



IG_SetInterval(InstanzID, 0);

Thanks, this is exact what I was looking for.

One thing: is there also a command to do a last refresh of the image in the WebFront, now the last webcam image is shown till there is a screen refresh.



Sorry, this is updating the image from the Image Grabber. It should only update the image in the WebFront after I copied the “at home” image.


IG_SetInterval(43574  /*[WebCam\WebCam]*/, 0);
IPS_ApplyChanges(43574  /*[WebCam\WebCam]*/);
copy ("C:/IP-Symcon/cams/aanwezig.jpg","C:/IP-Symcon/cams/43574.jpg");
IG_UpdateImage(43574  /*[WebCam\WebCam]*/);

In the management console when editing the Image Grabber there is a button “Update Now”. That one is doing what I’m looking for.

Is there a command for this update button?


Das ist genau das selbe wie der Befehl ->

IG_UpdateImage(43574  /*[WebCam\WebCam]*/); 

Sieh dir die Befehle doch an. Einfach im Script STRG + Space drücken.