Web Front Features

I have some queries or suggestions if not yet possible for the visualization Web Front:
1 . Suppose i have a long list of variables and i want to search for one of the variables , is there a possibility to add a search tab in the Webfront.
2. It would be a good if we have an option to select the variables to be included in the chart directly from the web front rather than from the object tree to make it more flexible.
3. Is there a possibility to make graphs with x and y axis of our choice , other than the x axis always representing time stamp or time intervals ?

You can use the search inside your Browser. Normally CTRL+F.

Configuration belongs to the console. WebFront is only the visualization parts. At least this is the separation of concerns we do at the moment.

You can create a custom media → graph which allows you to add various y axes with different profiles on both sides of the graph. The x axis is fixed.

If you have very special needs you can have a look at the Grafana Plugin: [Modul] Grafana