Weather Station recommendation


Can anyone recommend a weather station, not too expensive, that’s easily configured and integrated with IPS? I’ve looked at the Tempest Weather Station, but it seems it’s not shipped to The Netherlands. Thanks!


Have a look at sainlogic or froggit. There are modules for both here in the module store.

Thanks. I think I like the Froggit series most. Will any model work with IPS? (WH3000SE PRO/WH4000SE /WH6000 SE PRO/HP1000 SE PRO)

I have the Froggit HP1000SE PRO in use.
WH3000SE PRO and WH4000SE should work as well.
For WH6000 SE PRO, this is using an different firmware. I’m not sure if you can define an custoum upload server.

The Froggit HP1000SE PRO looks like a capable product and a safe bet for use with IPS. The Tempest Weather Station looks better, IMHO. Maybe I should wait for the Tempest when it’s available for shipping to Europe gain.
I’m still in doubt… :wink:

I am using since about 6 Months the Froggit DP-1500 with USB Dongle, with 2 soil humidity sensors and 2 indoor leakage sensors with Attain`s Modul. It works very well!

For the Hardware, of course there might be better ones, but none of them is likely to last much longer then 5 years in wind and weather.

Cheers Seppm

Take a look at the weatherflow Tempest! I got it since a longer while. No moving parts, solar and just one single device!
I can absolutely recommend it!

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