Weather Module in Webfront

Evening All !

I have tried to find where i can configure the weather module to display weather for another country then default Germany. I have tried to browse through the gui but iam not sure where it is.

BTW, Iam happy that i found IPS :slight_smile:

Thanks in advanced.

There is no other country available because we haven’t found a global weather data provider free of charge.


Thank you, you saved me another hour trying to find where i could change the settings for the weather module. I hope it maybe will be supported in later versions.

If you’ve got a source for that I’d be happy to implement it. But I haven’t found an international source according to the before mentioned criteria.

Kennst du den, Horst ?

The data feed of AccuWeather is provided to you free of charge in exchange for your promise to display the AccuWeather.Com® logo in your application and, if feasible, provide a link which clicks through to AccuWeather.Com. Use of the data feed is for personal, non-commercial purposes only. The data feed is provided „as is“ and AccuWeather makes no warranties or guarantees regarding the accuracy of the weather content. We reserve all rights to the logo and the data feed. If any issues regarding excessive use or misuse of the data feed arise, we will contact you for resolution. AccuWeather reserves the right to discontinue the data feed, if we deem necessary.

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You may want to try out my Yahoo! Weather Module: