Use Aeon Labs minimote to trigger scripts or events in ips

I’m new to zwave and bought some stuff to experiment.

I have the Aeon Labs Z stick, the minimote and a wall socket switch from everspring.

I have included them all in ips using the manual.

But how do I get ips to trigger an event (script or whatever) when I press one of the scene buttons on the minimote? The minimote is seen as a generic controller in ips and there is only a boolean and an int as status variables.

Can anyone shed some light on this subject?

Goeden avond,
Normally if either the status or the boolean var changes when you press a key on your Controller you can have a Script which does your desired action.

You would create a script, right click on it, add an event (ie on-Change of you Controller var)

You could also trigger on update, and then check the condition and the respective Action to be performed inside the script.

Guten Abend :wink:

I’m afraid I didn’t make myself clear enough. My question is not how to create an event in ips. Been there, done that.

The problem is that the remote control only has two variables (one boolean and one int) shown in ips. And neither of which change if I press a button on the mini mote.

So the question more is, how do I configure the mini mote in ips so that ips sees that it is a remote control?

I am afraid I have no idea, don’t have this hardware.
Not sure IPS can support this device since it looks like a 4 Channel generic Controller.

Maybe Horst can comment?

It’s no big disaster if it can’t be done. I bought the thing as an inclusion controller in the first place.

But it would be nice to be able to use it as a remote control as well :slight_smile:

If it is like the Merten remote, you only get the message that the devices in the association should be switched on or off. However, the Merten remote supports scenes for three keys per room that set the associated devices to preset dim levels. During the setup of such a scene, the remote reads the current basic answer from IPS that can be set in the instance configuration. Because the remote thinks that IPS is a dimmer, it tries to dim IPS to that value when triggering a scene. Using values between 101 and 255, you can be sure that the received Integer value is meant to trigger a special IPS scene, as normal Z-Wave dim levels are between 0 and 100 :).

Perhaps I could try it that way. But could you guide me as how to achieve this? I am quite new to Z-Wave :cool:

In the minimote manual it states that I have to press and hold the scene button I wish to program. And then press the Z-Wave button on the product I wish to add. But how do I do the latter on ips itself so ips gives a response to the minimote? IPS does not have a Z-Wave button I believe.

I’ve looked at the manual of your remote and it is currently not possible to integrate its way of creating scenarios into IPS.

Thanks for the help, Horst.

Too bad it won’t work with ips. I guess I have to try Open Z-Wave then.