"Undo" function in IPS-Symcon?


Is there an „undo“ function available in IPS-Symcon? I would love such a feature if it doesn’t exist. :grinning:

No, but there is already a „feature wish“ in German language :wink: .

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I think IP-Symcon is an excellent home automation system/program, and I would love better english documentation. I believe I wouldn’t have asked a lot of my questions in the community forum if more resources were available in the English language. Especially the community forum has a lot of information to offer. While I can read German, a lot is lost in translation. :wink:
I think most Dutch people are more fluent in English than German.

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Even worse, some modules are not supported in the English version.

We are currently working hard on getting the english documentation up to date. (We have approx. 60% translated and expect it to be finished in the upcoming months)

@TomF: Yes, this is indeed an issue. Would you prefer to see modules in german language (if they do not provide an english translation). At the moment we hide those modules.


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Definitely yes! Let the user decide what will be used.

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Another vote from me to show modules in german langue in the english version of IP-Symcon. (Not sure what I’m missing right now… :wink:)