Trouble getting reading of Humidity

Hello, I’ve set up the system and it works, except for getting a reading of the humidity. Battery and signal shows as it should, but the elusive beforementioned humidity doesn’t update. Is there a problem in the software?(xComfort Humidity Sensor)

Any help or ideas are most welcome =)

Xcomfort CRCA-00/05


Are you sure that you have connected the correct channel in the MRF Software? Maybe you mixed up the temperature and humidity.


Yes. See the attached screenshots.

As you can see from the MRF traffic log it sends 56.3% on channel 5. And in the IPS debug you can see that it receives something. Is there any way I can decode the data IPS receives?

It seems like IPS handles the temperature and the humidity differently. With the „send switching command“ settings in MRF IPS don’t read the humidity, only the temperature.

Thanks for the report. I will check this tomorrow.


This bug will be fixed in the next software release.