Tradfri Zigbee with ZiGate

Hi fellow IPS users,

I found the ZiGate Zigbee usb gateway that I am tempted to buy and try to see if I can get it working with IPS and some Ikea Tradfri (Trådfri) lamps.

In the documentation department there is a php example, maybe it wouldn’t need so much work to get it working with IPS.

Has anyone tried this Zigbee gateway?

Maybe Symcon could be interested in creating the necessary „drivers“ as the hardware is quite open and have found traction with other home automation software?!


I think the easiest way is to use a hue bridge and learn the Tradfri devices to the hue gateway. Then you can control the tradfri devices via SymconHue. But if you prefer the usb gateway I would think this should be also possible but it is more work to do.

If you own such a device you could give it a try or perhaps someone can give you a hint if it doesn‘t work with the php examples. I don‘t know which system you are currently using for IP-Symcon. If it is a Raspberry an RaspBee is also a good alternative to control tradfri from IP-Symcon. There is a REST API for RaspBee available.