The question to the administrator

Hello, I have the question:

Please translate (what I’ll have if I buy the IP-Symcon 2.0 - Download Version )
I understand that the optimal option is:
IP-Symcon 2.0 - Download Version - Software

What will I receive after buying the IP-Symcon 2.0 (access to download the software, activation key)?
In which way It’ll have the connection to my xcomfort system (using the CKOZ-00/03 module) ?
I have 2 CKOZ-00/03 module in one system (about 150 datapoints) and I plan to connect more devices.
Now, to use the Homeputer system, I had to connect to moeller autentication server and to register the first CKOZ-00/03 module. Next CKOZ-00/03 modules belongs to first registered gateway.
So, I had to buy only one license.

„Zusätzlich zu der Lizenz bekommen Sie eine einmonatige Subskription. Für den Zeitraum ihrer Subskription können Sie auf den Update Server zugreifen, um von den neusten Updates/Funktionen profitieren zu können. Nach Ablauf können Sie diese Problemlos bei Bedarf verlängern. IP-Symcon läuft auch ohne einer gültigen Subskription.“

Thank you in advance
Janusz L.

I’m not a admin, but perhaps I can’t help you out.

For 99 Eur you’ll get the IP-Symcon software fullversion including 1 month update service (that means updates for free - bugfixes are free for all anyway), including webserver, webinterface and PHP. You’ll get your licencefile to unlock your downloaded and installed Software.

I haven’t heard of any restrictions with Moeller-System. Though… I don’t use Moeller and may have missed something.