The hardware module Homeputer - ipsymcon

Homeputer program requires module to control / communications system (CKOZ-00/03)
Is the ip-symcon use another?

No. It is the same. You can aswell import you Datapoint lists from the MRF Software.


The HP has a problem with the number of events in the queue. I have a problem where pressing the wireless button does not transfer the status of HP. The reason is too many connections to the button (for sending a lot of status)

Will there be a further problem in ip-symcon?

I can’t understand the problem you have. Could you explain it a bit further?


We have the button, and visualization of Homeputer.
Now Just press the button - light is switched on.
On wizaliazcji HP still has the status light off (different statuses)
Why? Because the MRF does not support more than x sending statuses

Janusz L.

If you have connected your switch to your USB gateway then you will receive the status if it has changed and your gateway is in range.


commands are routed, ever actor works as a repeater. but status is not routed, if the usb gateway is out of range, the commands comming to the actor, but mayby its possible that the statupackets doesn’t reach the usb gateway.

problem is the quality not quantity of the connection.
Janusz L.