Temperature sensor for higher temperatures


my temperature threshold sensor (FS20) just died. I used it to detect that fireplace is in use.
Is there any temperature sensor which can measure higher temperatures (at least 80 degrees) which will work with IP Symcon without having to buy some expensive central unit?
I run IP Symcon in Linux container on Proxmox server so WLAN device would probably be easiest.

I currently run a mix of old FS20 components which I want to replace as they die (which they started do one after another) with something new, so a lot of research in front of me as my knowledge is FS20-old.


i´m using the TermoJet with 6xinput 55~125°C an 2xinput up to 1000°C
Using the JKM868, you can use it directly to IPS. but I didn`t find jkm in any shop.

thnks, I’ll have a look

Hi Marian,

I use 1-wire just for the temperature measurements (about 12 of them). The DS18B20 will go until 125 degrees. You can find them for € 4- € 5 in the shops. With a lan to 1-wire adapter its easy to connect it to IPS. Very stable solution…

Take care,