Symcon streaming music

I have a question does anyone know if you can stream music from radio and music files please ?

First of all, welcome to the IP-Symcon forum!

There are modules for Spotify and Sonos in the Module Store, that you can use to play audio. In addition, you can import audio files into IP-Symcon as Media and play them in your WebFront via script.

What is your use case? If you provide more information, we will be able to support you better to find the optimal solution for you.

yes I would have liked to play radio via url and you can also play different music or radio in different rooms please

You need the instance „Media Player“.
Use the ID of the Media Player (in my case 12785) to play a url:

$radio_url = "";
WAC_PlayFile(12785 , $radio_url); 

okay no m3u file but aac and mp3 can do this harm

mp3 is definitely working with WAC_PlayFile. Just give it a try for aac, I don’t know if it’s working.

Okay how can these servants for volume and stop and start

Those can easily configured for the MediaPlayer in the visualization.

How are the speakers connected to IP-Symcon?

in the 3.5 jack of the raspberry pi

MediaPlayer is only supported for Windows.


It’s also possible on Raspberry with additional software… i’ve used it for some years.
I’m using the mplayer for music and pico2wave for TTS - and it works fine (you’ll find some doku „anywhere“).

At now music in my house is made by alexa - it’s ‚a little bit‘ easier to use …

Good luck, Uwe

pity ip symcon only runs no windows with my raspberry pi

You don’t need Windows - I use the mplayer software with a PI2. It works …
You can control the mplayer from symcon with commands like this:

system ("systemctl stop mplayer2.service");
exec("pkill mplayer");

For volume you can use the included amixer

system("amixer sset 'Master',0 $vol");

You need an active amplifier at the raspi-output - i think a hardware like hifiberry etc. will work also.

Regards, Uwe