SymBox neo Hutschiene standard with Homematic and software in the shop?


I am trying to read all the info on the forum about having Homematic and IPS installed on one raspberry pi 3b . For me it makes sens to have just one power full machine for both software solutions (actually I also use IPSView from Andreas ;). But, for somebody like me, reading what I have to do is to complicated. It’s not easy to build it myself. Respect to the persons that know how to do this. My question is: do you think symcon will bring a Symbox to market that has IPS and Homematic preinstalled on it? It would be something like ordering a symbox with ‚Zusätzliche Erweiterungen‘ like 1wire, modbus and homematic.

Love to see this in the shop tomorrow…


No. This will never happen. We only have wired extensions in our SymBox. The SymBox is placed inside your cellar, which is not a good place for a radio gateway. I would go for the SymBox and the CCU3. This will safe you a lot of time/pain, if you are not familiar with Linux.