Strange temperature measurement CSEZ-01/17


Since last summer I have problems with my CSEZ-01/17 outside temperature and humidity sensor. After some lightning I received an temperature measurement of -52 oC. My first reaction was that the sensor was defect because off the lightning but after some weeks suddenly the temperature was shown again.

Since some weeks the faulty temperature off -52 is back again but I now see that the temperature is shown correct and within a few seconds wrong on the -52 level again.

See below the temperature out of the Archive Handler.

I started a Debug but don’t know how to read or translate this data, see the attached file.

Are there more users with this strange fault ……………




Debug.txt (1.36 KB)

Ich have checked the interpretation and it looks correct. Therefore i think your device is faulty.
I would suggest you try contacting eaton support.


Hi Paresy,

Thanks. I just was wondering why the sensor is sending the -52 so fast after the normal temperature measurement. But you couldn’t see the reason for this strange behavior.


You can filter all -52 values if you like and just copy the other ones to a new variables. But a jump from 5°C to 9°C does not seem right either.