Status does not updates

Evening All,

Since last upgrade to 2.1 build 1649, IPS have problem to retrive status like staus, Intensity and so on from moeller switches, dimmers. I noticed this problem yesterday after I did a upgrade using live updater. However I can use IPS to send the commands like SwitchMode, DimSet without any problem.

Any idea what’s going on ?

I have tried to delete and create some of them again without any luck.

Please :slight_smile:

Thanks in advanced.

There were no changes which could effected that!? And it works for my installtion without a problem.

Does restarting help? Or do you have a backup to check if it works with the older version?


Hello I had a similar probleb with status of xcomfort switches and dimmers in Homeputer.
The solution for my problem was:

  1. Use MRF1.53
  2. Delete the connections which are affected.
  3. Load the default data in the affected devices.
  4. Scan the reception quality of the affected devices, make the connections, calculate it and load it into the devices.
    Use MRF1.53

Janusz L.