Start project xComfort with IP-Symcon

I have been running IP-Symcon on xComfort for almost 10 years.

The system has been running from a Windows 10 PC with the following hardware:

  1. Eaton XComfort USB Communication Interface - CKOZ-00/03
  2. Eaton XComfort RS-232 Communication Interface - CRSZ-00/01

I have now sold the setup together with my house and will have the same setup in my new house. Which hardware will replace the old setup?


Odd Reidar


I use a Raspberry Pi with usb interface for both Xcomfort, Zwave and Zigbee, Xcomfort interface is CKOZ 00/14.

CKOZ-00/14 USB Communication Stick xComfort Wireless Control


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I’d go with our SymBox and the new LAN based xComfort ECI interfaces.