Somfy TaHoma Switch and IP-Symcon?

Is it possible to integrate the Somfy TaHoma Switch with IP-Symcon? I’m afraid it isn’t…

Nope - I don’t think so. I stopped asking as the response was negative and I learned that this usually does not change if we talk about Somfy.

TaHoma Switch is Mobile App only and does not offer the integration possibilities if other TaHoma Hubs and Somfy has no plans to move the possibilities to their cloud.


I integrated TaHoma now via HomeKit into one UI

Unfortunately there is no public API available from Somfy. There is one for the old TaHoma Box, but it is buggy, not event driven and i wound’t recommend it.


@paresy , thanks for your reply.

Would the Novoferm Homematic IP Smart Home System be a better option? (If we keep integration with IP-Symcon in mind?)