Some updates are not possible because your IP-Symcon is not up to date

I receive the following warning, but IP-Symcon is the most recent release, to my knowledge.
IP-Symcon 6.3, Ubuntu (amd64), 22-01-2023, 4fba31afbb22

That is correct. The new Spotify version on the Beta channel requires IP-Symcon 6.4, which is not yet available. It’s the version we have prepared for our event to present as media player in our new visualisation. Until 6.4 becomes available, you can safely ignore the message.

Hi @Dr.Niels ,

That clears it up :wink:
IPS 6.4 has not yet been released to the testing and/or beta channels, I believe? Another option would be to opt out of the beta channel and move back to the production channel of the Spotify module, I guess.