Siemens Logo 8 Read outputs / inputs

I’ve read multiple topics and the docs, but I can’t get an output value from a Logo 8 in IPS.
The connection is there, but I can’t seem to get a changing value in IPS.

I base my settings on the addresses found here: VM-Adressen der LOGO | Frickelzeugs

My current settings for reading Q1:

What am I doing wrong?

On the screenshot it looks like you have missed to apply the configuration. Did you do that?


I was testing settings, I applied multiple times while testing…

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If you want the outputs, can you try using the reserved output bytes instead of data blocks? 1064 looks quite high to me. And the area address is always 0, your V address goes into the address field below the data type.
Try Outputs, 0, byte, 0, read only. Those are your first 8 outputs.

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@teichhei I tried a lot of variants but putting the 1064 in the Address field and not in the Area Address worked! : Banghead:

I now have:
Area: Datablock
Area Address: 0
Unit: Bit
Address: 1064
Bit: 0

There you go! :wink:

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