shutter control module xcomfort problem

I am from Norway and dont speak German… so it is a little hard to understand what google translate means somtimes.
I hope we can do this in English… Or Norwegian if you can :slight_smile:

My trouble is:
in webfront i only get 3 options on shuttercontrol „open“ „close“ and „stop“ …But then the shutter goes all the way down and stay closed (no wiew out) and if i press open they go all the way up.

I would like to run the shutters 50% down and then open up the shutters… - bad enlish also, but i hope you understand what i mean… maybe „step up“ is the correct word…

i found a script in IPS :

but i can not make it work. Where do i have o put this script to make it work?

Just copy and paste the content to any script you like. Just remember where it is :slight_smile:

To get it working, you need to add an instance which you can find under „(Misc)“ in the Add instance wizard. This special instance needs you to select the script you had to remember. After assigning it, you can start the learning of the shutter module and afterwards you can position your shutter anywhere you want.



sorry - I’m only able to reply in english.
But I can ask my neighbor - she is norwegian :slight_smile:

So what I understood from you question is:

  • You can already control your shutters
  • What you need is a more precise control of the shutter - right?

If this is the case, you can solve the issue very easy :slight_smile:

Define a separate variable and use for a example the predefined association shutter control or define
your own steps - e.g. 0%, 25%, 50%, 75%, 100% (100% means closed, 0 % means open).

Send this value to the shutter control - thats it.
(SC_MoveDown(Instance, Value)).



Thanks :slight_smile:

It worked fine and my shutters are stopping at 25, 50 etc % Nice :slight_smile:

… but…

when my shutters are down the blinds stay closed like there is no view uot.
My shutters need to go the other way for a second to open the blinds so i can see through them. (or between :slight_smile:

In the xcomfort shuttermodule you can step up and step down but they do not show in webfront - why??