Shelly devices are being not found by IP-Symcon module


I’m struggling with Shelly devices to make them working by MQTT in IP-Symcon. I use Qnap with IP-Symcon running in Container Station (version 6.0). I made port TCP 1883 opened in my router. All applied settings you can see on attached screens.

A long time ago when I bought my first Shelly device, I tested it in IP-Symcon (probably version 5.5) and was OK. Now I collected more then 10 of them and any of them is not working in IP-Symcon.

Please, advise me, what went wrong.

Thanks in advance.

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This might be two different issues.

  1. The shelly discovery in IP symcon is afaik only using MDNS, so it does not matter if the shelly is already connected to the symcon MQTT server at that point. Sounds like a network issue if nothing shows up here for you.
  2. After configuring MQTT on the shellies you need to restart them, otherwise they will not connect. Could also be a network issue, as long as you have the discovery not working.

Does the Container run in Host Mode or Bridge Mode networking? MDNS only works very well when used in Host Mode. In Bridge Mode everything is behind a NAT an you will need to forwards a few ports to get things running.


Hello Paresy,

I just installed IP-Symcon in Container running in HOST mode and it seems to be running very well. All Shelly devices connected in IP-Symcon. Maybe the problem happens in QTS 6.0 that I have now (before it was QTS 5.6 if I remember well).

Thank you for your support.

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how can I activate the HOST mode. I am not able to get it running. Seems like I have to switch back to a raspi after years of running symcon on a QNAP. I really want to use some Shelly parts.

Ok. I think I found the answer. For activating HOST I created a new container. So far it seems to work :smiley:

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