Setting up IPS with xcomfort


Why is all my 6 actuators triggering on/off simultaneously when i turn ONE of them on/off ?
hope you can answer, because its the only thing im stuck on.
got the android app and server up and running… :-S

All of them needs their own datapoint before you add them to ips. Did you set this up? ( datapoint you do/draw in mrf software between gateway and actors)

Yes, I’m 99% sure that its done. but, offcourse, i have too try that again soon.

Have some screenshots of my setup on a norwegian page…

I’m an Electrichian in Norway and have been to both xcomfor and Sensio „class“ …We did almoust the same at Sensio :slight_smile:

Ah interesting! yes please recheck it and give us a feedback if the problem is solved. Sensio I don’t know and never used. It is something similar to xcomfort?