Security Controls in MetaManager

Hi Andreas,

To prevent you answering every remark I make or to comment on every possible BUG I think I have found where do you want me to report this or post them? I couldn’t find a 3.1 Beta bug report page… :smiley:

I think I found another BUG :confused: When hitting the ‚Execute Template‘ button generating of the Rooms form is incomplete, the Inline:DetailRoom_xxx do not have all the associated controls on that page. For example the ‚Security‘ associated controls do not get placed on the form.

Is this A) By design or B) A BUG or C) RFM (Read the Fucking Manual)…

Take care,

Hi Robert,

lets open a new thread for a new problem :cool:

This is by design, security controls are only shown in the device page. The reason behind is that controls in the room page should focus on the room peripheral control.
However, I am planning a new feature in the future to have a property like „ShowInRoom“ :slight_smile: