Scripttimer accuracy


Im using the normal way with the scripttimer to switch of lights after a certain time. I’ve read in the documentation that the use of scripttimer has a high accuracy till 3600 seconds.

The duration of the timer can only be set on an exact second value if the timer value is 3600 or less. For values above 3600, irregularities can occur, depending on start time and/or divisor as the script timer shares the same limitations as normal cyclic events and their time templates. E.g., if a timer is set to 5 hours at 6:00, it triggers at 6:00, 11:00, 16:00, 21:00, and 1:00, even though 2:00 could have been expected. Values above the day border are rounded up to whole days.

Now i want to make a script timer with 7200 second (2hours). How do you guys do this? Do you still use the scripttimer? Ive found a workaround with saving a timestamp and check every 60 seconds if it passed.

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Hi Thomas,

use a normale Event (IPS_CreateEvent) and properly configure it to run every two hours.


Thank you for your help. I created a event and run it by this; (changed it to 120 seconds to test)

        IPS_SetEventCyclic(10463, 2, 1, 0, 0, 1, 120); 
        IPS_SetEventActive(10463, true);

The script executes first at the whole minute and two minutes after. How can i start an event with exact 2minutes after its activited?

You need to properly set the IPS_SetEventCyclicTimeFrom — IP-Symcon :: Automation Software to you current minute/second, which will sync the event to this timepoint.