script off in 5 minuts


When i have a alarm i turn on the lamps, when the alarm is reset (off) i wil turn of the lamps after 5 minuts?
how can i make this?


 MXC_SwitchMode(51055 /*[Webfront\Tuin\Vijver\A7 alarmstrahler vijv ]*/, false);
 MXC_SwitchMode(46718 /*[Webfront\Tuin\Poort ingang\A6 ingang tuinspots ]*/, false);
 MXC_SwitchMode(29007 /*[Webfront\Tuin\Rondom\A16 tuin rondom ]*/, false);
 MXC_SwitchMode(24644 /*[Webfront\Tuin\Rondom\A17 Säulen1 achter ]*/, false);
 MXC_SwitchMode(53012 /*[Webfront\Tuin\Vlonder\A9 teichrund basis ]*/, false);
 MXC_SwitchMode(50948 /*[Webfront\Tuin\Vlonder\A10Teichinnen vlonder ]*/, false);


thanks, Ron

… use a Script-timer! Check the documentation for that.
After the alarm stop start a 5min Scriptimer on your script… At the End of the light-out-script you have to deactivate the script timer.
Thats it!

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