RCT options

Dear forum. I have tried to get the RCT going with the new radiator and heating actuator for floors. But it seems I am now a bit stuck on getting the RCT to function properly. Everything is linked to the ECI. So I then have a few questions:

  1. Before linking the RCT to the ECI one can select mode under the temperature and humidity section and second select if it should send a command or a value. After linking these are grayed out. Does not seem the previous selections is stored. As such I cannot seem to get the RCT to send the temperature and humidity values to the ECI and thus IP Symcon. In IP Symcon the values are listed as never updated, which makes sense. How to get this to work, e.g. how to get the RCT to just be a fancy temperature and humidity sender? What am I missing as I am sure this is probably rather straightforward?

  2. In the SHC from xComfort the RCT can, in addition to sending the values and let the SHC control the actuators, one can override it at the SHC. Is there a way to get this going rather easily with IP Symcon? In SHC this is rather straightforward.

Having fixed 1. I think it would be rather straightfoward to utilize the heating module to manage heating for each room, but this is now not possible. Luckily I just did a test install in one of our rooms :slight_smile:

As you might understand I am trying to decide between the SHC or IP Symcon. Would love to use the latter due to wider intergration posiblities, but I am a bit stuck now on the basics of heating.

Thanks for any help. Greatly appreciated.

At the moment we do not support the new „heating actuators“. We should get them soon and i will check on your second question. You will probably need some small PHP-Script to get this working - but normally everything is possible :slight_smile:


We will support the new heating actuators with IP-Symcon 5.2