Qubino Dimmer control

Hi all,

I am (still) trying to get a dimmer to work properly in IPS.

What I want:

Short click = lights off
Long click= Dim up
Longer click = dim down

I can’t find out how to get this working properly.

I am using a pushbutton, that registers „true“ when pressed, normally false.

In IPS there are some ZW_ functions like ZW_DimSetEx or ZW_DimUp etc…

When using DimSetEx (in an Event), I can power on the lights, but I always end up at 100% no matter how long the button is pressed.

So where to start? Should I be using a script, or a ZW function, or both?

Hey Guys/Girls,

Any help would be appreciated.

This is not possible in a feasible way. You will always try to work around timing quirks.


Hi Parsey,

How do I get my dimmer to work than?

Is it included in IP-Symcon? Can you switch it from the WebFront? I am not sure how you define „get it to work“.


Hi Parsey,

I have a physical switch, this is a pushbutton. When pressed Symcon registers „true“, when released „false“. Normal state is always „false“

The z-wave dimmer is working in Symcon, I can dim the lights using a slider.

I also managed to set the lights at a default level, when the pushbutton is activated.

What I whould like it to do is: if pressed, dim up, on release stop dimming (e.g. 50%) . When pressed again dim from 50% up to 100% and then start dimming down again. (seamless).

Lets dig this one up again.

I am still working on a solution for this.

In short: I have a pushbutton, connected to a plc. I have I z-wave dimmer. I want to „connect“ these together.

By connecting I mean:

Pushing the button for a „period of time“ dims the lights up, If a threshold is reached e.g. 5 sec, than start to dim down.

I don’t think that this is possible to achieve in a decent „usable“ and sane way.