Problem showing objects inside a Dummy Module IPS 3.0


I have a problem showing objects inside a Dummy Module and other items under a category since the upgrade to IPS 3.0. This is only in the WebFront, in the iFront on my mobile all is working fine.

I added some images:

[li]When an object is placed directly under the shown category, like the color in this case, it’s showing in the Webfront.
[/li][li]When an object like a Dummy Module or other category is places under the shown category, only the Strings are shown and not the other object inside the Strings?
[/li][li]The third image is form IPS, to show how I made it.

It looks like the objects in a string are not shown. Normally this is done with Dummy Modules, but I discovered that later and a lot of items are made this way. And it worked fine till IPS 3.0.

I hope someone can help me with this problem.

Thanks ……….


Dummy Module under Categorie.jpg

Open your WebFront configurator in the manangement console and under Appearance you can activate the option „Nesting“. That should fix your problem :slight_smile:


Thanks, this solved the problem, all objects are showing now.