'Permanent' logging

I have some scripts that I run when the sun comes up/goes down. To test the logic I want to log some values as the script is run. When I use IPS_LogMessage, those values are overwritten by the time I look at them (sun goes up at 8, I look at 10 or the next day/weekend - in the console log I only see ‚current‘ status messages). This seems like a very common pattern to me. Is there a robust way to do this? I could just log to a file obviously, but considering there is already a logging system, there should be some way to prioritize or classify messages, like there is in the Windows event log I’d imagine? Thanks.

Sure. Just create a string variable, enable logging and throw all the strings into this variable.

With IPS_GetLoggedValues you can later on pull all the data. Or just have a look at it through the webfront.


Ah yes that makes sense, thanks.