Open IPS console using webbrowser

Until recently I was able to open the IPS console using a webbrowser, now I’m greeted with a login prompt, which doesn’t accept my credentials. It doesn’t matter if I use the internal or external ip address. However, it works locally, on the windows vm where IPS has been installed.
http://fqdn/console (port nat 80 → 3777)
The same thing happens when trying to open the IPS console using the fqdn.
What am I missing? :wink:

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Hi Dennis, do you have any Firewall blocking our WebSocket Connection? And: Did you use https für the FQDN?


is connect control active?


I don’t think it’s a firewall issue, http://192.168.x.x:3777 (no /console) works without problems. I’m using the connection wizard in the pro console. External connections to webfront are working too.

Now I’m not sure I’m using the correct password when it asks for the „License username“ credentials. I assumed it’s the same password as the user account at If not, where can I find/change it?

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It depends ;-).

account is the email address from „License Management“ on that webpage, passwort you set by your own and the configuration depends on the OS

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Hi @ralf ,

I probably had a different password configured for remote access than I thought. I’ve changed it, and the problem has been solved. Thanks!
I think the problem started after I upgraded the pro console from 5.5 to 6.0 (but not sure).

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