ON_UPDATE triggers instead of ON_CHANGE

Hi All,

Let me share my strange experience with the latest docker platform Symcon (2020.11.08) version.
I’ve just refreshed the Symcon container to he latest one and faced that some events trigger ON_UPDATE instead of ON_CHANGE even the configuration is set to ON_CHANGE. So finally I had to rollback to my previous 5.4… version that actually works perfectly.


  • Synology DS218+
  • Platform: Docker
  • My original version: 5.4 (2020.01.21) Rev 870c39afc5322 - This works OK.

The case:

  • Temperature and humidity mesurement by Homematic Thermometers
  • I have separate trigger events defined on both temperature and humidity changes

So my experience is the following: with the latest docker version, the second trigger - the one on the thermometer - triggers ON_UPDATE instead of ON CHANGE. So it triggers ~minutelly. It is important that it is not only in case of one thermometer but for each, so each thermometer’s temperature update starts the trigger event. The first trigger – on the humidity – works correctly.
I changed the config to be ON_UPDATE and back to ON_CHANGE but no effect, it triggers every minute, so when the Homematic center polls the thermometers.
Anyway, I’m not sure how it can be reproduced by your side.

Has anyone faced this before?
Which version do you prefer to update to?

Many thanks,

Hi Ocxsi,

I just need some more informations.
Could you show me which trigger is defined for your events?
And what are the actions for both of those event?
Is it possible that the float you get is just 21,81°C and 21,82°C? Both would be shown as 21,8°C in the objecttree but would trigger a OnChange event.

Best regards