Not able to install IPS 4.0


When I try to install IPS 4.0 it keeps hanging on converting the database. I don’t know what the normal time is for this step, but after one hour it still showing the same screen, see the attachemend.

Is there something I’m dooing wrong, I started this proces with the Update button in de console.


Setup IP-Symcon.png

This does not look right. Can you have a look at the size of your logging.db in the db folder? Do you have a SSD?

You could try checking the database. See here: Datenbankwiederherstellung — IP-Symcon :: Automatisierungssoftware

Or, if you do not log any variables, just delete the logging.db file.


Hi Paresy,

I see two files:
Logging 757 kB
Logging.db-journal 16kB

There is also a logging.old from 11-3-2016, this one is 603.108 kB.
I don’t have SSD.

The integrity check is also OK
I:\IP-Symcon\db>sqlite3.exe logging.db „PRAGMA integrity_check“

I log data, can I remove the logging file, will 4.0 start logging in another way? I suppose that I lose all old data when I do this.


You can have a look at our expert tool, which does an offline convert:

That should get you all the data exported, which in turn will be used by IP-Symcon 4.0


Hi Paresy,

Its working, after the manual conversion of the logging, rename of the log file and then running the update. Everything looks fine till now.

What should happen with the old log files?

Thanks …


You can just archive them. You do not need them anymore.