NODON EnOcean Micro Smart Plug

Is the NODON EnOcean Micro Smart Plug (MSP-2-1-11)
(link) compatible with IP-Symcon? Thanks!

Radio: EnOcean Protocol (EEP D2-01-0E) – 868MHz Ist das was der Plug angibt und das
D2-01-0E 4.3 Electronic switches and dimmer with Energy Measurement and Local Content
ab Version 4.3 gem. Geräteliste der Symcon Dokumentation unterstützt.

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Yes it is compatible. Starting with IP-Symcon 6.0 (currently in Beta) you will be able to configure power/energy measurement options, if your device supports it.


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I’ve added a NODON EnOcean Micro Smart Plug to my system and it works as expected without problems. It shows 2 variables: Status and Power. I think the EEP D2-01-0E profile supports more variables? (Not that I will be using them :slight_smile: )